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Mobile Trace

Mobile Trace

Carry More Detection Power

To help keep ahead of the growing challenges of explosives and narcotics detection, the MobileTrace® handheld packs the advanced capabilities of simultaneous dual-mode detection into a powerful, user-friendly handheld.

MobileTrace, the first simultaneous dual-mode handheld detector, expands the range of target explosives you can identify in a single sample for faster, more comprehensive security screening. Morpho Detection’s patented ITMS™ (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry) technology offers you the explosives and narcotics detection sensitivity and reliability proven at military bases, border crossings, airports, and other critical security checkpoints around the world.

Broad Explosives Detection

Simultaneously test for a wide range of explosives and narcotics in seconds. While most explosives have negative ion affinity, some important explosives have positive ion affinity. MobileTrace uses the patented simultaneous dual-mode technology of the field-proven Itemiser® desktop system to detect both negative and positive ions at the same time. Historically, handhelds work in one mode at a time, and require changing components and additional samples to test for both types of ions. With MobileTrace, you can meet your mission-critical trace detection objectives with efficient throughput and ease of use across a range of substances.