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Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is a system that automatically scans and digitally captures an object. The UVSS are usually used at law enforcement buildings, military installations, airports, port facilities and other areas with demanding security precautions.

The systems are available in various specifications ranging from Line Scan to Area Scan technology with cameras that can zoom the image. The product enables detection of any foreign bodies in real time eg. Explosives, Arms & Narcotics etc. that might be hidden in the underside of a vehicle. The system can be optionally integrated with any other security devices like boom barriers, tyre killers, bollards, spikes, smart card/RFID based access control systems, etc. so as to provide a complete premise security solution.

Advanced Number Plate Recognition System (ANPRS)

The NPRS is used to capture the number plate image of any Vehicle. As the vehicle triggers the Loop Sensor, the UVSS and NPR System would be activated and images of the undercarriage and license plates are captured respectively. The captured number plate image then transferred to the screen at the Monitoring Station, the entry vehicle’s information such as Number plate image, date and time of entry would be saved as an image in database. In the future, security officers can search for undercarriage images based on the car number plate image or date or time of entry.